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The Organic Coup Story

About Us

Giving the Bird to Conventional Fast Food Since 2015

We wear our beliefs on our sleeve like a badge of honor while we change the fast-food industry one organic meal at a time. We don't hide behind additives, gimmicks, and chemicals no one can pronounce. Our unwavering foundation fuels our team of passionate people pushing for social change.

Who We Are

Simply Put We Are Organically Cocky

Our team is filled with dedicated people who are passionate about the change we strive to create. Founded by two former Costco execs, we live and thrive by the proven philosophies we learned there.

From our stadium venues to our in-store retail products, we serve good food, the right way.

Say Koo

What's With The Name?

It all started out as a typo when spelling the word "coop" while first hatching out the plan (pun intended) for an entirely new fast food concept. Oddly enough, the typo actually captured the spirit of our mission and we knew we had a name that embodied our vision. A "coup" is a takeover - and that's our goal: an organic takeover of the fast-food industry. Totally disruptive and bold. The Organic Coup represents a new attitude about how fast-food can be good food.

Organic Coup chicken salads

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